Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tailgate 2008 #4

So I haven't really followed through with posting about the tailgates, but actually nothing noteworthy has gone on so far. Our default fare is hot dogs. This year I swapped out chicken breasts split down the middle lengthwise for a hot dog and with the ketchup and mustard, you can't really tell the difference.

This past week, being our last tailgate for a month, I decided to take it up with carne and pollo asada. The Sprouts grocery by our house has great marinated meat for purchase and it just happened to be on sale for $3.99 a pound. I picked up 4 pounds of chicken and 3 of beef. For sides I made 2 types of rice, one was salsa and cilantro rice, the other was cilantro and adobo seasoning. I also made up 2 cans of black beans with some diced jalapenos in it. We had chips, salsa, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, corn and flour tortillas and shredded cheese. I brought the stuff to make authentic margaritas using a classic 3-2-1 ratio (tequila, triple sec, lime juice) along with a bunch of Tecate and lime slices. It was quite a bit of fun. We has a childless tailgate and Darrell Kinder showed up sans wife. One of my cornhole boards took a beating last week when Zach jumped onto it. I fixed the most obvious issue, but found that one of the joints had come loose so only one board was used. I will have a whole month to fix the other board as it is late October before our next home game (2 open dates and 2 road games) and I am planning to do an Oktoberfest theme with Brats and some good German beer. After that it is Homecoming and then our post T-Day bash.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tailgate for First Game

So here is my post for the first tailgate.

It isn't happening. No one can come so I canceled the tailgate. I am thinking of going to Four Peaks before the game so look for a review of their new Endless Summer beer.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Tailgating Rudowns

Because my life is sooooo interesting, I am going to do tailgating rundowns on the blog, including but not limited to talking about what I cooked, new toys and games that I bust out for the games and a recap of what we drank. I know, I know it sounds truly fascinating and everyone with be hammering the site Monday mornings looking for my posts. Actually there are some interesting things that go on and I have cooked some pretty interesting things, so I give this a shot. Look for it next Tuesday (Monday is a holiday and will not be doing much of anything.)

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Mary and Rachel Swing Play

Mary is really into playing with her sister. Whenever Rachel wakes up from a nap, she wants to run upstairs and get her up. She is starting to do a real good job of interacting with her, and helping us entertain Rachel as you can see from this video.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mary Loves ASU

We finally got Mary to make the pitchfork with her hand without our help. This video is abort the 15th time she did her routine and she was definitely more interested in playing with the camera than showing off for the world, but it still isn't bad.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

ASU 2007 Season Tickets

I ran into an issue when I went to renew my season tickets for the upcoming 2007 ASU football season. Here is the complaint I sent to the ticket office that details the issue:

"I just wanted to submit a formal complaint about what now appears to be my former seats. I have been a season ticket holder since 1994, and have sat in the same place for the past 6 seasons, section 24 row 50 seats 11-14. Apparently these seats were given to the visiting team this year. No notification was made that this was being done until I called to find out why my seats couldn't be renewed online. No action was taken on the part of the school to proactively find replacement seats for me. We hold seats next to friends and family and now have to go through a massive effort to make sure that we can still be near each other. My oldest child turned 3 in December and I was looking to try and acquire the seats immediately in front of me which went unoccupied for much of last season, in an attempt to instill a love for the school in another generation. I am now thrown into chaos, as I don't get 2 more seats and actually loose the ones I had.

What makes me angriest about this is that no effort to find an alternative was made, let alone was I contacted about this change. In the future I can only hope that your season ticket holders are treated better."

In the end, my new seats are now in Section 12, Row 42 Seats 5-8.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

2007 Southwest Salsa Challenge

This is the ninth year that my wife and I have gone to the salsa challenge. This is also the second year that they have held it at Tempe Beach Park rather than the Scottsdale Stadium. It is nice that they are able to hold it a month earlier, and it even paid off as the temps were in the 70's, but the location has some problems. They failed to learn from last year's set up and the experience of the other events held at the location and thy still have an overfilled corridor of salsas right at the opening, coupled with nothing in the central large grass area. 2 weeks ago, at the beer festival, almost all of the beers were served in the central area and it worked quite well. There was also an issue about seating. There are a large number of seats right next to the "lake," but they actually blocked them off with a fence, and those seats not on the wrong side of the fence were restricted for vendors only. There weren't actually any signs or any noticeable reasons for restricting these seats other than the angry, fat security guy who kicked us out. Some great salsas, and as always some horrible salsas as well. Sharon tried one with cantaloupe in it which was, obviously, disgusting. Once more the Burdette salsa was the most popular booth, with salsa I wouldn't feed to my dog. Actually some of the greatest salsas were at the back and not heavily visited, and it seems to work this way each year, so that is always a bonus.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Local Pro Sports

My uncle and his partner are going to be in town for Easter, so I decided to look for a professional sporting event we could go to if they wished. For the days April 6-7 (no Easter, the family would frown on that) I found that the valley has the following pro teams with a game:


Arena Football

All 5 teams play a game over this 2 day period and none of them are in town. It must be statistically impossible to replicate over any given Friday and Saturday, so I had to make note of it.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Painting Part 1

We decided to paint the girls' rooms starting with the baby's since she isn't actually occupying it yet. This was my first experience painting with color and it was a lot of work. I am pretty happy with the results. Up to know this hasn't looked like a real room that someone was going to be living in. Now, even without all the furniture, this looks like a room I can picture a baby sleeping in.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween (or Colorween)

Last night marked my daughter Mary's 3rd Halloween (or as she was calling it Colorween). A great time was had by all. We set up a table at the end of the driveway to help lure kids into the cul-de-sac. I look forward to the time when Mary really wants to prowl the neighborhood begging for candy and I can sit at home, with a nice set up relax with a nice selection of beers. In years past, when we could toss Mary into a stroller, we roamed the larger part of our neighborhood and found that many of the houses were throwing parties in their garage or driveway for the parents while the kids did their thing. I am not trying to wish my or my daughter’s life away, and I enjoyed this Halloween, it just feels like I am ready for the next stage. Anyway, Matt and Teresa came over towards the end of the night and chatted with us for a bit and that felt like a holiday. For pictures :