Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tasting Round Up

I have been brewing so much, I haven't gotten around to commenting on the results enough.

The Northern Brewer Nut Brown tastes exactly like Newcastle. I have to imagine that is the point of that kit, although I didn't pick the kit up for this reason. I am realizing I really need more regulators as this beer is much better at a lower PSI than the American Wheat and Belgian Blond I have right now. I take care of this by grabbing a spoon and stirring some of the CO2 out of solution before drinking and it is noticeably better that way.

The American Wheat kit that I rebrewed came out way better than it did the first time I tried to brew it. The color is dead on, with a nice cloudy yellow. There is a noticeable clove phenolic in the taste. This is out of line for the profile, and I am going to blame the yeast. I have temperature control and I tried a starter so I have little else left to blame. It used the Safale wheat yeast and I am reading that it is not as clean as it should be for a true American Wheat. For my money it is a near perfect Widmer Hefeweizen clone. I will make note and use a clean ale yeast next time I brew this...that is unless everyone I give it too enjoys it.


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