Sunday, March 01, 2009

2009 Mesa Strong Beer Fest

Hit the fest this weekend and wanted to let folks know about some of the beers. Best beer I had went to the 2007 Stone Old Guardian Bourbon Barrel aged. I have had Old Guardian before, but after being aged in the bourbon barrel it was extra yummy. Slight oak flavor and just a hint of the bourbon. Most interesting beers was a tie between the Chipotle Stout I had and the Coconut Coffee Stout that Matt had. I enjoyed mine and Matt hated his. Other notables were the Serpent Stout from Lost Abby and the Winter Wobbler from Four Peaks. I waited in line for over a half an hour for a chance at a taste of DFH's World Wide Stout. Missed it by about 20 people, so I had to settle for a 90 Minute instead. Pretty good fest, overall I have no doubt that when compared to next weekend I will see this as the more personal and low key of the two. Next up GABF in Tempe with a whole crew of people. Crowds and long lines. The oddest part of the fest next weekend is that the lines will be longest for really bad beer.



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