Friday, January 09, 2009

Mild Tasting

I went ahead and grabbed a taster of the mild I kegged this past weekend. It wasn't quite fully carbed, but the style should be a bit light of CO2 versus things like a pale ale or IPA. The nose on this beer is incredible. It has notes of chocolate and great maltiness. The flavor is somewhere around a light nut brown. I taste a nutty flavor with a pleasant maltiness to it. This is going to be a very easy drinking beer. Sharon liked it, but is looking for more CO2, so I will up the PSI a bit. I followed this taste with another taste of the milk stout I have on tap, so I can compare the 2. The mild is definitely easier to drink. Without the stout roast flavor it goes down easy. I could see having the mild on tap year round, where I think it might be tough for me to drink the stout in the warm months. This has led me to think that I should concentrate on the milk stout keg for a while. I am also still thinking about experimenting with bottling from the keg, as I have a nut brown and beligan blonde kit waiting to be brewed and I don't want them to sit around too long. I will have to wait at least another 2 weeks (no earlier than January 25) to brew the blonde next as I am too busy the next couple of Sunday's, but I will need to have fridge space by February 15 or so to move the blonde.

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