Friday, February 01, 2008

Spring Beer Festivals

In the next 5 weeks I have some great beer events to look forward to. First up is the Strong Beer Festival in Mesa. I had thoughts of attending this last year, but the birth of my second born 2 weeks before the fest killed that hope. This year I think I deserve double tastings to make up for the sacrifice. Second, we have the so called Great Arizona Beer Festival that I tend to refer to as the Tempe Beer Fest. The Sun Sounds organization actually hold 3 events each year in the state (well 2 in AZ and one in North Mexico). Last year I went to the Tempe and Flagstaff editions of this festival and I have to say that Flagstaff was better in almost every aspect. I had VIP tickets to both and the Flagstaff version of VIP was much nicer. You can't knock the Flagstaff weather, but it is totally possible for a Tempe early March to be nicer than Flagstaff early July, although last year it was a toss up, with uncomfortably warm for both. I will be attending with my wife for the second and with my buddy Matt for the first. Look for reviews and pictures in the coming weeks.



At 2:00 PM, Anonymous jennifer said...

Are you going to be attending this year?


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