Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Four Peaks Pumpkin Porter

I had an opportunity to try the Four Peaks Pumpkin Porter this weekend. I stopped by Uncle Bear's Bar and Grill after getting some work done on Sunday to get some breakfast and finish up my work with their free WiFi. They normally have the Four Peaks Hefe on tap, but instead they had the Pumpkin Porter. After eating my breakfast and almost finishing my work, I ordered the beer. It came to me in a frozen glass, so it was way too cold to enjoy a porter. I used the warm up time to finish my work and once it was closer to room temp I gave it a try. The pumpkin flavor was much less pronounced than the pumpkin ales I have tried in the past. The roasted flavor of the porter pushed much of the pumpkin in to the background. Their oatmeal stout has a rather creamy feel to it, and the pumpkin seemed to go with it perfectly. It is not a session beer, as after the first I was satisfied and wanted something different, but it was still quite enjoyable. I have hear that Four Peaks tries to close out their supply the day before Thanksgiving by offering to fill growlers with the porter. Between traveling to my uncle's and the big ASU/U$C game on T-Day, I am thinking of popping on by.



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