Thursday, November 08, 2007

Does a Beer by Any Other Name Still Suck?

Stella Artois is planning to change it name because it has picked up bad connotations overseas. Commonly known as "wife beater," it tends to be the beer of choice by hooligans. I remember the first time I try it. Matt and I were having a guys night on the town in a city we didn't live in. It has all the makings of a story that could end up with a visit to a court room and another reason to believe that Stella leads to aggressive behavior except for one thing...the beer isn't all that good. I can't imagine drinking enough to get drunk. On the night in question, Stella hadn't made its way across the country, so I was trying something I couldn't get in AZ that was suggested by the bartender. I have come to realize that you can't take a bartender's suggestion unless you are at a brew pub. So they will change the name of this beer but it will never make my top 10 Euro imported macro lagers.



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You write very well.


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