Saturday, November 17, 2007

BridgePort Ebenezer Ale

I picked up a sixer of the BridgePort winter seasonal Ebenezer Ale at the local grocery store. This past year the BridgePort offerings in the valley of the sun have expanded to cover a deeper selection throughout the year. Poured it into my Full Sail shaker pint (as close as I could come to Portland) and found a deep amber, slightly hazy brew with a nice thick head to it. The aroma was spicy and warm with a slight alcohol to the nose. Taste was bursting with maltiness with just enough bitter and sweet to make this a perfect winter beer. If it wasn't 85 degrees outside I would have been in total bliss, but had to settle for beer enjoyment. This isn't as complex as other winter warmers, but it sure hit the spot and paired well with my dinner. This also increased its drinkability as I finished off 2 of them.



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