Friday, November 03, 2006

Saginaw Spirit

I saw this article on and I have to say, I love this logo. I immediately ran to the team's site and found it down, but there was a link to their store. I would love to have a jersey. There is just something about following a small, obscure team like this. Obviously, with Steven Colbert's support, this team isn't all that obscure anymore. Someone read this and find a minor league hockey team with the coolest logo and hook me up.



At 11:04 AM, Anonymous Tunnelrat16 said...

OK, I have found a couple. My favorite was the Albany River Rats, but they swapped affiliation with the Lowell Lock Monsters, so now, Albany is the farm team for the Carolina Hurricanes and Lowell, (now renamed the Lowell Devils), is attached to New Jersey. Also, the Peoria Rivermen have a cool jersey. I'll send some examples.

At 12:21 PM, Blogger mhaugan said...

I forgot to mention. When I was in Cancun this past spring I almost bought a UNAM Puma's soccer jersey. Part of it was that I enjoy the logo a kind of modern looking puma head. The other part is that I think that soccer jerseys look sharp. Much better for causal wear than American Football.


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