Tuesday, November 07, 2006

BJ's Restaurant & Brewery Chandler, AZ

Reviewed after multiple visits.

I like the BJ's chain. Their food is above par and consistent between the many locations I have visited. Their menu is, if anything, too big and I often have a hard time choosing pizza over sandwiches let alone what type. The wait staff has been generally been knowledgeable about beer styles and have even surprised me with their knowledge before. Their regular rotation of beers is good, but I have a problem with their not having enough variety in their seasonals. I don't remember them having a single IPA all summer, but the same stout for months. I wish they had a bigger selection of non-house stuff on tap, but I guess they are pushing their product and I can understand that. Good food great atmosphere and hand crafted beers make it hard not to enjoy the experience.



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